It’s almost magic, but predictive network technology is no trick.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine language (ML) mathematical models and algorithms, predictive network technology alerts organizations to network problems as early as possible and provides problem-solving solutions. “This technology enables networks to learn from past cases using large amounts of data through predictive analytics,” explains Titus M, senior his analyst at technology and business research firm Everest Group. doing. “Network Telemetry He collects data, recognizes trends, predicts network problems that can negatively impact user experience, and provides potential solutions to problems.”

According to Sam Halabi, technology consulting competency leader at business advisory firm EY, predictive network technology can provide network remediation solutions for automated or manual implementation, depending on the use case and at the discretion of IT networking or operations teams. He said he could make suggestions.

The value of predictive network technology is that it helps shift network operations from a reactive model to a proactive model when dealing with potential problems. “Network problems can be caused by many factors, including transport network degradation, bandwidth congestion/traffic loss, suboptimal routing, and network outages,” he says. “Problems like this are highly disruptive to businesses and can have significant economic impact when they occur.”

challenges and opportunities

Although a powerful and useful tool, predictive network technology carries some significant risks. One concern is that the system can only make decisions based on available options. Chuck Everette, Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy at Deep Instinct, a cybersecurity technology company, said: Everette describes a situation where “automated decisions are being made at such a fast pace that the network’s adaptations are constantly changing in an attempt to correct or repair itself, making it impossible to identify the root cause.” I have reported seeing it.

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