The company announced a new initiative called Global Next Gen. This initiative is focused on improving the quality of digital experiences for both employees and customers.

RTN Staff – August 23, 2022

In 1970, Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas introduced a groundbreaking innovation that transformed the entire quick service restaurant industry. Chief among these innovations was a new design element known as the “pickup window”. This first modern drive-thru restaurant played a key role in propelling the brand from his local four-store Columbus burger chain to a franchised company.

Now, Wendy’s Company is refocusing its attention on the restaurant’s physical design features.The company announced a modernization initiative dubbed global next generation, We are focused on enhancing the quality of the digital experience for both employees and customers. Starting next month, Wendy’s new traditional restaurant building will feature an optimized layout and next-generation technology designed to improve convenience, speed and accuracy, according to a company spokesperson. It features a sophisticated and modern design.

Wendy’s President and CEO said: Todd PenegalThe new initiative aims to “improve the customer experience and streamline staff operations across ordering channels while generating better margins for franchisees.”

The new initiative reportedly includes the following design features and technologies:

  • Delivery receipt window: A dedicated delivery pickup window and delivery parking lot will make it more convenient and faster for delivery drivers who previously had to walk into the dining room to pick up orders. The design also shifts traffic away from the drive-thru line where customers are waiting, allowing crews to focus on taking and fulfilling orders more quickly, efficiently and accurately.
  • Dedicated Mobile Order Pickup: global next generation Features mobile order parking and in-restaurant pickup racks. Customers select a pick-up time when placing their mobile order, park in a dedicated mobile-order parking spot upon arrival, grab a meal from the mobile-order pickup shelf, and enjoy Wendy’s favorites.
  • Kitchen reimagined: A new galley-style kitchen design that runs the length of the restaurant from front to back improves crew efficiency and oversight across all sales channels. The kitchen design improves efficiency at the point of sale, allows the flight attendant to move between positions more easily throughout her day, and supports faster order fulfillment and culinary innovation.
  • Next generation technology: global next generation Fueled by the next generation of modernized technology working hard behind the scenes, restaurant teams will be able to handle far more digital business than before. It also provides a platform for forward-looking innovation.
  • Optimized infrastructure: The new restaurant uses more efficient building elements such as lighting and HVAC to reduce energy usage and costs.

“As the first restaurant brand to offer modern pick-up windows over 50 years ago, Wendy’s continues our tradition of design and innovation. global next generationsaid Penegal. Our new global restaurant standard unlocks opportunities at the intersection of innovative design and technology, bringing us one step closer to our vision of becoming the world’s most prosperous and beloved restaurant brand. “

International and Chief Development Officer Abigail Pringle said in an interview posted on the company’s website: “Franchise leaders in the United States, Canada, and around the world have informed the concept, allowing us to refine the design along the way. Global design standards help create better experiences for everyone: customers, restaurant teams and franchise partners.”

“Technology is powering everything in our restaurants, from our DSG 2.0 grill to our new back-office platform,” added Chief Information Officer Kevin Vascon in the same interview. “The magic of the new design comes from the next generation of modernized technology that will enable restaurants to handle far more digital business than before.”

Wendy’s is reportedly set to open its first store global next generation The restaurant in New Albany, Ohio The new initiative looks innovative in many ways. Incorporating various digital features could help achieve some of Wendy’s key goals in terms of increasing operational efficiency and enhancing the guest experience. service restaurant chain. In short, Wendy’s modernization initiative is unlikely to revolutionize the industry the way Dave Thomas did more than 50 years ago with his introduction of the now ubiquitous pickup his windows.


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