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Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 10:00 AM

Melbourne, Australia – Media OutReach – August 30, 2022 – Vietnamese technology company KMS Solutions is dedicated to supporting Australian businesses. KMS Solutions is on a mission to enable businesses to adopt innovative technologies and is one of many IT companies working hard to close this gap.

Rapid progress in Australia’s digital transformation strategy is driving demand for new technologies. Nonetheless, a severe talent gap has led many Australian companies to curtail their digital efforts.
According to a recent Australian Computer Society study, the country needs 60,000 experienced ICT workers annually, with software developers expected to be the most in demand. Failure to address the skills gap could delay the digital transformation of businesses and thwart Australia’s ambition to rank among the top 10 digital economies by 2030.
Recognizing the urgent need for qualified IT specialists, the company has expanded its operations in Australia and now has over 1,600 technical consultants in Vietnam DC. With ample technical resources and infrastructure, KMS Solutions aims to support companies’ strategic technology initiatives.
CEO Duy Le believes digital transformation is at the core of nearly every company in every industry.
“No longer just the domain of IT departments, technology is now having a major impact on how businesses identify customers, design products and delight consumers. We have to stay at the forefront of
As the labor market for experienced developers becomes more competitive, companies are finding it costly to attract and retain employees, Le said. Aiming to reduce operating costs while achieving high-quality digital solutions, companies have increasingly opted to outsource their digital teams.
By adopting cutting-edge technology and improving the skills of its employees, KMS has proven to be a trusted partner for over 130 global clients, especially in the BFSI and ISV industries. From modernizing our tech stack to providing end-to-end product engineering, everything is covered by our dedicated development team.
“With the right combination of human ingenuity and technical competence, our solutions and products are world-class standards, achieving engineering excellence and accelerating time to value. is what sets us apart from the rest.”
These projects help organizations accelerate their transformation using industry best practices, providing a next-generation foundation for future growth. With a dedicated development team, we believe KMS Solutions can play a key role in alleviating the developer shortage in Australia.
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