Ukrainian technology company Awery Aviation Software has pledged to support initiatives to protect and develop the Ukrainian aviation industry. This includes a project to rebuild the Antonov An-225 freighter. The Antonov An-225 freighter was the world’s largest aircraft until it was destroyed in a Russian attack on Hostomel airport shortly after the country’s invasion.

The company will support projects originating from the work of another Ukrainian company, Metal Time. The company has developed a mechanical design kit model of the aircraft. Proceeds from its sale will be donated to an aircraft manufacturer and aviation service provider founded in Soviet times but always based in Kyiv.

Proponents of the initiative hope the funds will be used to rebuild the iconic aircraft, also known as the “Muriya.” They will also aim to redeploy Antonov employees who have lost their homes and to educate and train new Ukrainian pilots and engineers.

“Awery Aviation Software cannot stand by as Ukrainian cargo aviation is destroyed economically and physically, so it will be easy for us to help further the initiative by communicating as much as possible about this wonderful project.” It was a great decision,” said company general Vitaly Smillianets. directed by.

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The An-225, the only aircraft of its type ever built, broke 124 world records during its lifetime. Among them was the heaviest air cargo ever transported, totaling 253 tons. This aircraft, a symbol of the Soviet Union, carried his space shuttle Buran 13 times before the space program was abandoned.

In addition to spacecraft, it carried tanks, electric turbines, artwork, medical equipment, and all sorts of bulky equipment. It has also helped in disaster relief and relief efforts. A symbol of engineering and human genius, this year it became a symbol of its destructive side. Nevertheless, Ukraine tries to revive it.


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