The Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) selected LILEE Systems, an automated rapid transit solution provider, to enable advanced railway safety technology.

LILEE Systems has already completed a proof of concept (POC) of a mission-critical train control 4.0 system (TC 4.0) for EMU800 trains on the Liujia Line in northern Taiwan.

An end-to-end train safety and train control solution, TC 4.0 provides overspeed protection, work zone protection and temporary speed limits.

The system can avoid derailments and collisions caused by trains ignoring speed limits, ignoring signals or entering the wrong track.

TC 4.0 offers a wide range of rail safety features including continuous monitoring, real-time communication, precise train positioning and non-critical cab signals.

TRA Deputy Director Feng Hui-Sheng said:

“This is an important milestone in increasing rail safety to protect passengers, workers and infrastructure.”

TRA’s choice is said to have been driven by its ability to facilitate train overspeed protection and collision avoidance.

The company’s track record in road maintenance vehicles and railroad crossings in North America was also considered in the selection.

LILEE Systems CEO Jia-Ru Li said: With a proven track record of enabling limit compliance and collision avoidance with the LILEE SafeRail solution, he believes TC 4.0 will help his TRA meet safety goals and improve operational efficiency. ”

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