New tire technology, initially available in atomizers, creates a universal solution for tire changes

Quincy, Illinois, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Titan International, Inc. (Titan) is pleased to introduce its latest tire technology, Ultimate Flex Technology™ (UFT™), at Farm Progress 2022. Initially available for atomizer applications, the latest innovation combines elements of traditional tires. , increased flex (IF) and very high flex (VF) tires to create a universal solution. Titan UFT tires allow farmers to quickly change sprayer tires without worrying about other standard, IF, or VF tires in other wheel positions. It also helps dealers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) reduce inventory volume and complexity.

“We wanted to create a simple solution for farmers, dealers and OEMs. Scott Sloane, Ag Product Manager, Titan. “Conventional, IF and VF, our idea was to create a tire that could handle all three applications. This would allow us to quickly replace any spray tire without sacrificing performance. It becomes easier to do.”

Tires that meet the UFT classification are approved to run at 40% lower pressure than standard tires, helping to reduce soil compaction. When used as replacement tires, UFT tires must meet the pressures of other tires already installed on your machine. This tire offers all the benefits of the VF tire. VF tires can carry the same weight as standard tires, but run up to 40% lower pressure.

UFT tires can be set up to suit your application and field conditions. For example, if a customer has a sprayer on his 1,200-gallon tank, he can set the air pressure to 78 PSI like a conventional tire. However, if you are trying to lower the ground pressure, he recommends setting the pressure to 64 PSI. This is like the IF tire, but for the VF tire he is 50 PSI. This is especially useful in moist clay soils where compaction has the greatest impact on yield.

initial size

This new technology is now available in Titan’s flagship R-1 row crop sprayer line. goodyear ultra sprayerInitial sizes include 380/90R46 and 380/105R50. Plans to expand to various sizes and applications are in final development and will be announced at a later date.

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