Matthew Ulpani, a local beneficiary of the Malta Arts Scholarship, conducted research at a university in London that focused on different aspects of our relationship with technology.

Urpani read and studied for his MA in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UAL). his last project array of constraintsis a digital interactive installation that invites users to think about the forms of technology they engage with through a series of simple and playful interfaces.

The installation is part of the 2022 UAL Alumni Show and will be included in an exhibition at London’s Lethavie Gallery, forming part of this year’s London Design Festival.

“What happens when the constraints of our tools are radically rethought? What restrictions and freedoms do these changes bring?” asks Ulpani.

“The modern world is governed by digital technology. Everything from smart watches, Instagram feeds and music playlists to transit schedules, utility bills and police surveillance. The Internet is only a little over 30 years old.”

It’s more important than ever to examine what digitization is doing in our lives

In just a few decades, Urpani says, the contexts and networks in which society operates have fundamentally changed in ways we can neither begin to comprehend nor keep up.

He argues that while technology iteratively evolves into discrete forms, networks, and structures, and continues to develop one set structure for efficiency, there is still a lot to learn about how and why approaches. One way of thinking is piercing us. A digital system that often precludes countless other unexplored possibilities.

“As the speed of technological progress increases, it is more important than ever to examine what digitization brings to our lives, who benefits and who is left behind,” he said. says.

“Design, both intrinsically involved in this continuing progress and at the same time well-suited to imagining speculative alternatives to the dominant structure, should take such a critical stance. It’s the right lens to keep.”

Matthew Ulpani is a recipient of an Arts Scholarship funded by the Government of Malta. More information on Array of Constraints can be found here.

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