Los Angeles, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Talon International is pleased to announce groundbreaking anti-counterfeiting and consumer engagement technology. consumer.

Combining AI, machine learning, computer vision and steganography, StegVision encodes invisible and unique labels and markings for brands and products. The algorithm is placed inside a label design that only StegVision’s app can see. By applying a unique, invisible marking to each brand and product, StegVision prevents counterfeit and counterfeit products from easily entering the market and being sold as originals.

Talon CEO Larry Dyne said: StegVision now enables consumers to buy with certainty and brands to protect their products from counterfeiting. ”

One of the things brands love about StegVision is how easy it is to implement and deploy. Their anti-counterfeiting solutions do not require any changes to a client’s existing artwork, logo or design. No need for invasive tags, QR codes or expensive printing methods. You can keep your production process intact.

StegVision opens up new marketing communication channels, giving brands direct access to interested consumers. The moment of authentication is an important step in purchasing decisions. Enabling brands to instantly interact with consumers will be a game changer in conversions.

Counterfeit goods have become much easier to manufacture and distribute. The rise of internet shopping and international shipping has created a global network of fakes. StegVision empowers brands to manage their distribution networks, providing direct connections with retailers and customers.

Talon International found prevalent counterfeiting problems after consulting with several industry luminaries and reviewed the problems with existing anti-counterfeiting solutions. From there, development took off, creating his SaaS platform and apps that businesses and consumers can trust.

Consumers can now use StegVision technology within the apps of their favorite brands to start scanning products to verify their authenticity. Seamless API integration allows companies to deploy his StegVision into their existing systems.

Unlike other anti-counterfeiting apps, StegVision believes its technology is revolutionary for all industries, especially those facing the battle against counterfeiting, such as fashion, wine, toys and pharmaceuticals.

To learn more about StegVision and how to implement anti-counterfeiting technology into your manufacturing process, please visit https://stegvision.com/.

About Talon International & StegVision Technology:

Talon International invented the world’s first zipper in 1893. Since then, it has been an industry leader in solutions for tagging, labeling, custom his trims, and printed marketing solutions. With the introduction of StegVision’s anti-counterfeiting solutions, we continue our commitment to protecting the integrity of our brand so that we can serve our consumers with confidence.

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