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LinkedIn Launches Diversity A nudge that notifies employers when the talent pool becomes imbalanced by gender. If gender representation is off, users are warned and provided with male/female relationships for searches. The tool also provides recommendations for skill, location, and company filters that you can add to improve the gender balance of your search.

Modern Higher announced Interview technology that uses advanced AI models to evaluate candidate responses and provide recommendation scores to hiring teams. Building on the success of his A\IS for US-based recruiting, Modern Hire AIS is now offered in 23 languages, including dialects, to support ethical and diverse recruiting worldwide.

At this week’s #HRTech roundup, @LinkedIn unveils “Diversity Nudges” and @ModernHire unveils AI-powered interviewing tech. #HR click to tweet

Alight started Alight A payment service that provides a simplified end-to-end payroll and payroll process for global businesses. This service is available to organizations looking to streamline payroll processes, control costs, and reduce the administrative burden of global transaction management. Key features include simplified global payment processing, single currency payments, and enhanced global payroll.

Crosschq announces new work Features of Wall, a talent pipeline visualization product. These include viewing candidate freshness by stage, ranking job health, and viewing upcoming interviews. According to the company, new features continue to evolve Wall into a “true collaboration and productivity tool.”

half american According to PwC, while companies expect to cut headcount, 52% expect to introduce a hiring freeze. Meanwhile, 44% have canceled offers. At the same time, management said talent acquisition and retention is a serious risk. In particular, companies are looking for people with skills that will help them grow.

On the other hand, 86% Employed Americans say they are very or somewhat satisfied with their current job, with half looking for a new job, 36% passively and 14% actively looking. CareerArc-sponsored Harris Poll research shows job seekers turn to social media to find jobs. About 58% of job seekers search social media for information about potential employers, and 48% of her, both Gen Z and millennials with work experience, apply. For opportunities found on social media. More than 45% of his job seekers say social media is very important in their job search.

about 93% Companies continue to invest more, or spend the same amount on traditional sourcing channels such as job boards and advertising, according to an Aliro-funded study by Apptitude Research.

LiveHire and Recruitment Intelligence platform CrintellTech has announced a strategic partnership. LiveHire’s customers will now be able to automate the process of sourcing and recruiting reluctant candidates from job board databases and professional networks. CrintellTech Chrome App/Extension offers two of his products for sourcing external candidates and passing them directly to LiveHire.

platform, livestorm We’ve added new features that let users manage meetings and webinars, and tighten the event for both leaders and attendees. These features can help improve engagement by reducing challenges like distractions and going over scheduled meeting times.

incredible health, Career Marketplace for full-time healthcare professionals has secured $80 million in Series B funding, valuing the company at $1.65 billion. The new funding will support initiatives that help healthcare systems and their employees manage the surging demand for patient care, and Incredible Health’s mission to help healthcare workers find and do the best jobs. support.

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Mass Hiring Solutions Provider Harver Acquires AI Evaluation Firm Pymetrics

The acquisition combines pymetrics’ behavior-based AI methodologies with Harver’s existing talent assessments. As a result, organizations should have a wider and deeper selection of products to meet their recruitment needs. read more.

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