Believe it or not, the first Samsung Galaxy Z Fold was released nearly three years ago. Prior to 2019, devices with foldable displays had only been seen in tech demos and his sci-fi movies. By 2022, almost every major manufacturer will be making foldable smartphones, making them very common. So we ask ourselves. what’s next? Recently, Samsung’s patent application appeared on his website at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), revealing a display that could show potential for future smartphones.

The wording of the patent sounds complicated, mainly because it is an English translation. sam mobile It seems to have broken things down and gives us a better idea of ​​the technologies involved. Looking at the image, there is a mobile phone equipped with what seems to be a sub-display on the back. We’ve seen this sort of technology before, but Samsung’s patent-pending version is a little different. Samsung’s rear display panel is decidedly transparent and can act like a standard display or play a more discreet role as an always-on display. You can customize the panel to display different designs, device information, and more. Additionally, when you pair the display with your camera, you can also view live view his feed from the unit.

Samsung has submitted this application, but I don’t know how far the company has gone. But of course, this is Samsung, and we know they’re working on exciting things when it comes to displays. exhibited some of the You can see some of these in the video above. So, while the patent application may never materialize, the future looks bright for Samsung devices.

sauce: World Intellectual Property Organization
via: Sam Mobile


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