The technology onboard the Selby is set to prevent powerline-related wildfires.Photo: Onfile

Ausnet will be closing the Belgrave-Genbrook road from 8:30pm Monday 22nd August to 5:30am Tuesday 23rd August in preparation for the installation of a Fast Earth Fault Current Limiting Device (REFCL). did.

A 250 tonne crane was placed on the road to lift a new Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiting Device (REFCL) device to a newly developed site at 109 Belgrave-Gembrook Road in Selby.

Ausnet is expected to be operational by November, just in time for the summer, and spend the next two months installing and testing equipment in preparation for protecting the community.

REFCL technology is said to limit the amount of energy released when a ground fault occurs, such as when a tree falls or a wild animal touches a utility pole and power line at the same time.

Installed in Selby, the REFCL is designed to detect incidents and reduce energy flow within tenths of a second to prevent fires and electrocution of local wildlife.

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