Over the past three years, successive waves of COVID variants and other infectious diseases have put healthcare facilities under extreme stress. From hospitals and intensive care units to aged care facilities, staff are overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients in need of treatment and hospitalization.

Medical staff and technicians are pushed to the limit of their endurance and have little time to recover before dealing with the next wave of infections and patients.

Priority is needed when the health system is severely strained. Medical staff need all the help they can to continue to provide excellent service. But what can we do?

The future of healthcare is technology driven

Technology can help improve the lives of both medical staff and patients. And you don’t have to invest a lot of money to improve your day-to-day efficiency. Seemingly small innovations add up to create big boosts that can vastly improve the quality of life for patients and healthcare workers across the board.

For over 30 years, LINAK has® has focused on making the lives of its users and patients more manageable. Also, in the last few years, advances in wireless technology, product durability and hygiene have been incorporated into healthcare devices to further improve reliability, efficiency and ease of cleaning.

Downtime is the number one enemy of heavily loaded systems. At LINAK, we focus on keeping our products running smoothly and efficiently, even under the toughest conditions. LINAK helps healthcare device manufacturers prepare for the challenges ahead by providing robust, future-proof and easy-to-use solutions.

Helping manufacturers inherit the benefits of digital systems

The healthcare industry is just beginning its digital journey. The LINAK OneConnect™ platform opens the door to a world of digital opportunities for manufacturers to create seamless solutions for the benefit of their end users.

The OneConnect app allows service technicians and end users to get an overview of important system status and information from LINAK system medical devices. Technicians can search and identify products that indicate whether they need regular maintenance, cleaning, or charging. This has a direct impact on uptime as preventive maintenance can be planned to ensure system uptime.

Global remote access to system data optimizes technical support processes.

Tomorrow’s healthcare is wireless

On a more practical level, simply using a wireless connection can greatly improve efficiency and make life easier for the end user. The wireless hand control can be placed wherever is most convenient and ergonomic for both patient and caregiver.

Dramatically improves caregiver work environment by eliminating cabled hand controls and reducing tripping hazards while allowing caregivers to move freely in applications such as hospital beds and patient lifts To do.

Wireless solutions reduce the cost of service visits and application downtime due to cable damage. A pinched or cut cable can be inconvenient for both caregiver and patient and can stop the application from working.

Extra care should be taken when disinfecting cables as bacteria can be hidden within the coil. Eliminating cables minimizes the spread of hidden bacteria between caregiver and patient and cross-contamination in mobile applications such as patient lifts. The time required to properly sanitize an application and the potential for spreading germs are greatly reduced with wireless hand control.


The LINAK LIFT50™ is designed with the explicit mind of improving the quality of life of caregivers. Ergonomically designed to reduce physical strain and stress during daily work. With a practical and easy-to-use interface, her LIFT50 makes everyday tasks easier. When it comes to lifts, making products easy to clean, easy to read, and easy to operate can make a big difference for caregivers and patients.

Future-ready BLUETOOTH with optional wireless control® LINAK OneConnect allows end users to view information remotely from their smartphone or tablet.

Tested for better performance

Improving the life of your lift equipment while maintaining a no-compromise approach to safety has resulted in a new battery system for the LIFT50. Lithium-ion batteries are a natural choice as they are lightweight and long lasting.

LINAK tests battery cells for months to simulate product life in the field. This means manufacturers always get safe and reliable products.

LINAK Protect™ helps create an infection-free environment

To help end users fight bacteria, manufacturers can now design healthcare equipment that can withstand harsh washing conditions.IPX6 washable makes LINAK systems wash tunnel compatible. Combined with other elements of LINAK Protect, it allows for thorough and repeated cleaning without affecting product performance, enabling manufacturers to contribute to an infection-free future for their customers.

Over 30 years ago, LINAK introduced the concept of ‘washable’ components beyond the low IP ratings. Over the years, this concept has become a standard adopted by the industry. In 2017, LINAK raised the bar for lasting hygiene with washable DURA™ components that are five times cleaner than existing standards.

COVID-19 is neither the first nor the last challenge facing our struggling healthcare system. Antibiotic-resistant infections are one of the most significant health risks of our time. Addressing this threat remains a public health priority.

However, progress in hygiene standards did not stop here.Proven and Reliable antibacterial agent By using additives in the manufacturing of selected hand and attendant controls, LINAK has significantly reduced the potential for cross-contamination from end-user contact surfaces.

Combining technology and hygiene for maximum efficiency

Today, LINAK continues to develop new advances in cleanability, constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. By focusing on new technologies and digital solutions, LINAK increases patient safety and efficiency in hospital hygiene logistics and operational routines. LINAK helps healthcare systems meet the challenges of the future.

For more information on LINAK technology medical solutions, please visit www.linak.com.au/MEDLINE-CARELINE.


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