School districts and roadworks in Queensland have introduced new speed camera technology to target lead-footed drivers.

To kick off Road Safety Week, Transport Minister Mark Bailey today announced that new speed cameras will be installed in high-risk locations next month.

“To keep Queensland’s children and workers safe, we are pleased to announce that new cameras will target speeding drivers in both schools and road construction areas,” he said. rice field.

“I don’t want to see another road worker killed or someone else’s child seriously injured on the way to school because of speeding reckless driving.”

High-speed camera technology is different for road construction and school districts.

Director of Transportation and Highways Neil Scales said research shows a clear link between camera enforcement and fewer speed-related deaths and serious injuries.

“We asked a contractor to design and build a solar-powered road construction speed camera to be installed on top of a mobile platform for ease of use on the job site,” he said.

“In School Zones, the cameras are mounted on specially designed stationary School Zone signs, but can be moved as needed.”

Speeding is one of the leading causes of death and serious injury on Queensland’s roads, with 74 people killed and thousands injured by speeding in 2021.

An image of a yellow solar power sign on a road construction site.
Road works speed camera can move around the site.(By: Transportation and Highways)

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Joshua Cooney, RACQ’s general manager of advocacy, said it was up to drivers to slow down and exercise caution to protect children.

“Imagine the horror of hurting a child, teacher, or road worker because they didn’t pay attention to the speed limit or were unwilling to slow down,” he said.


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