A video has been released of the new technology that Real Madrid has introduced to the training ground to improve the free-kick technique of its players.

Clubs around the world have been using free-kick mannequins for years, but Real Madrid’s new technology is truly the technology of the future.

A free-kick mannequin is of course used instead of a human wall. They are useful, but they also have limitations.

Unlike human walls, they cannot react when the ball is hit by a free-kick taker.

However real madrid We found a solution to this problem by introducing the next generation Mannequin Wall.

A new set of mannequins can emulate a particular player’s height, move up and down according to their measurements, and even emulate the effect of jumping.

A video released by Real Madrid shows Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and others taking free kicks at the mannequin wall and the goalkeeper.

See it here:

As you can see from the video, the mannequin wall is operated by a tablet control panel.

It looks like you can even decide if you want a particular mannequin to jump or not, or even how high you want a particular mannequin to jump.

Real Madrid mannequin technology

Very futuristic.

Let’s see some reactions to the footage.

We have to imagine these next generation mannequin walls becoming commonplace in all top European clubs in the near future.

And eventually, these futuristic mannequin walls will find their way into professional clubs around the world.

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