Beijing, August 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dreame Technology, the fastest growing company leading smart home vacuum cleaners, has announced the launch of its all-new flagship product, the DreameBot L10s Ultra. Southeast Asia As the first stop for the global launch at the end of August. The DreameBot L10s Ultra features many of the company’s latest industry-leading smart cleaning innovations.

Dreame Technology Launches All-in-One DreameBot L10s Ultra in Southeast Asia
Dreame Technology Launches All-in-One DreameBot L10s Ultra in Southeast Asia

The DreameBot L10s Ultra is marketed as a fully automatic robotic vacuum and mop and features Dreame’s cutting edge technology. The L10s Ultra is the perfect combination of popular robotic cleaning technologies such as Auto Dry Clean and Auto Mop Cleaning, which combine to deliver impressive hands-free cleaning performance. Automatic dust collection, mop cleaning and drying, water refilling, solution addition, rapid mapping and path planning all combine for fully automated home cleaning.

DreameBot L10s Ultra features state-of-the-art AI-driven navigation with Dreame’s exclusive AI actions. AI-powered navigation cleans your entire home efficiently and effectively, reducing oversights, repeated cleanings, getting lost and getting stuck. Advanced AI Actions utilize advanced RGB cameras and 3D structured lights to quickly learn your home, adjust cleaning strategies, and auto-generate paths based on obstacles, floors, and room types. A very fast mapping generates a 3D map of his home and remembers multiple floor plans.

“We equipped the DreameBot L10s Ultra with 24 sensors to adapt to the diverse nature of the home environment. It’s like building a mini autopilot system,” he said. This is Dream, Dream Product Manager. “DreameBot L10s Ultra is able to distinguish between obstacles in over 30 different real-world scenes in home environments, identifying six main categories of obstacles to determine how best to deal with them. Obstacles such as socks, slippers, data cables, etc.”

Starting in August, the DreameBot L10s Ultra Southeast Asia As part of the global expansion of the brand.

About Dream

Founded in 2017, Dreame Technology is an innovative consumer goods company focused on smart home vacuum cleaners with a vision of empowering life through technology. Facebook, Instagram, twitter.

For more information, please visit https://global.dreametech.com/.


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