CITC Collaboration Advances Towards Wi-Fi 6E Technology With AFC System

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), in collaboration with HPE and Federated Wireless, has launched the first global end-to-end AFC system to enable Wi-Fi 6E technology for outdoor use. We did a live demo.

The trial is a continuation of Saudi Arabia’s global leadership as the country with the largest license-free spectrum in the world, and the first country in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to license-free the entire 6 GHz band.

The demo is a significant milestone for the adoption of data-driven spectrum smart management in Saudi Arabia, extending the capabilities of Wi-Fi 6E to protect existing in-band users while increasing the use of Wi-Fi technology. Allowing you to fully realize your potential. , in addition to expanding cooperation between the Commission and its global partners.

The commission also aims to adopt the latest spectrum management systems and technologies to further improve the quality of wireless services, such as public Wi-Fi, and enable the widespread adoption of Wi-Fi 6E across Saudi Arabia. increase.

These efforts are also a continuation of CITC’s global leadership in wireless technology and Wi-Fi 6E, and are in line with CITC’s mission to support KSA’s digital transformation as a digital regulator.

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