speed castCommunications and IT service provider announced today that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Bristow Group Inc. to provide technology upgrades and future-proofing at more than 40 remote sites around the world, including Australia, Europe and Nigeria. announced. United Kingdom, North and South America.based in houston Bristow group provides innovative and sustainable vertical flight solutions, provides air and search and rescue (SAR) solutions to government and private organizations, and has 222 aircraft worldwide.

As part of the deal, more than 40 onshore energy and search and rescue office locations will be connected to technology and systems via Speedcast’s Unified Global Platform (UGP) and its advanced software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions. receive an enhancement of Additionally, all sites benefit from equipment upgrades.

of speedcast SD-WAN seamlessly combines VSAT (Very Small Terminal), LEO and MEO solutions, cellular 4G/5G, wireless and MPLS technologies into one optimized and secure WAN path that consistently delivers the highest quality of uptime. increase. A true multi-path, multi-orbit connectivity solution, Speedcast’s SD-WAN provides flexible, intelligent and secure network management to ensure the highest availability and performance for your applications.

The deal follows a 10-year connectivity partnership between the organizations, with Speedcast providing 24/7 secure network support for Bristow operations and managing WAN, LAN, voice and backup broadband services To do. The solution supports flight operations, manages critical lifelines for safe and efficient aircraft operations, and gives Bristow personnel access to core enterprise systems and applications such as aircraft maintenance data transfer. will do so.

“Bristow’s mission is to make every flight personal and ensure a safe, efficient and reliable solution.o Deliver better outcomes for stakeholders. ” Said Noel Malcaba, Chief Information Officer, Bristow. “Speedcast is our long-standing connectivity partner serving Fleet Operations Base Stations around the world. No matter where we are or where we are going, we can seamlessly run our flights and stay connected.”

“As part of this agreement, Speedcast will implement technology enhancements and equipment upgrades at a number of key locations, enabling Bristol to benefit from the latest advances in hybrid connectivity.” Said Richard Elson, Executive Vice President of Energy, Speedcast. “By leveraging Speedcast’s unified global platform to future-proof their network, Bristow will experience the highest quality connectivity and redundancy, and we are confident that operations will continue smoothly. Safe and efficient. We look forward to continuing to meet Bristow’s requirements for robust operations.”


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