Mountain View, California and Bangalore, India–(business wire) — Bidgely, a global technology service provider (TSP), has been invited by REC Ltd., a CPSE under MoP, to participate in the Ministry of Power’s GoI Technology Incubation Challenge Powerthon 2022, organized in collaboration with SINE Incubation. Chosen. Laboratory at IIT Bombay. Among 200 applicants and 18 ultimate technology solution providers who chose to participate, Bidgely won the National Revised Power Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) to reduce losses by up to 15% across India by 2025. It was the only provider selected for supporting energy theft detection.

Bidgely’s newly launched Energy Theft Solution will demonstrate how AI-enabled data analytics can detect and solve energy misuse problems in India during a four-month contract with state utilities. In line with that, Bidgely is working with the World Bank to work with a large utility in Central India to further prove the use case for theft detection analytics.

“High levels of technical and commercial energy losses are a major financial concern for state utilities, with 22% of distributed power missing, with energy theft being one of the biggest culprits. As India will deploy hundreds of millions of smart meters by 2030, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for this new wave of energy data is critical to support the Ministry of Power’s goals. ” Development and Consultancy Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of REC Limited.

With 17 patents and over 40 global energy customers, Bidgely extends his energy analysis expertise to India’s Powerthon 2022 energy theft challenge. This not only allows state utilities to accurately and accurately understand energy losses, but also provides insight into how to prevent further losses.

“Bidgely has identified challenges in the Indian energy market through engagement with key stakeholders and the majority of our employees operating in the region, including both data science and R&D teams. “We are delighted to demonstrate the power of in-meter intelligence to improve billing efficiency for Discom in India.”

Bidgely Energy Theft Solution

Based on industry-leading non-intrusive load monitoring technology and advanced data analytics, Bidgely’s Energy Theft Solution breaks down a customer’s energy consumption down to the appliance level. Insights generated from this data are used to identify usage patterns over time and detect anomalies associated with likely theft trends. Bidgely’s solution addresses three specific energy theft use cases:

  • Abuse of tariffs – When a customer’s electricity usage type is mischaracterized and falsely low rates applied, Bidgely accurately distinguishes between residential and commercial behavior and transitions between the two.
  • meter tampering – Bidgely leverages energy consumption patterns, technical parameters, and available smart meter events to identify facilities where the meters themselves have been tampered with.
  • direct theft – If the meter is partially or fully crossed to prevent consumption from being registered, Bidgely will identify which appliances are running and when to determine if the behavior is anomalous.

For more information on Bidgely’s Energy Theft Solution for detecting energy misuse, visit bidgely.com/solutions/energy-theft-detection/.

About REC Limited and REC Power Development and Consultancy Limited (RECPDCL)

REC Ltd. is a public utility with a strong presence in the financing of power generation, transmission and distribution projects. REC assists the Ministry of Power, State Governments and Implementing Agencies in planning, facilitating and coordinating to ensure the timely completion of major programs of the Government of India. DDUGJY, SAUBHAGYA, UDAY, etc. REC Ltd has also been designated as a Nodal Authority of the Improved Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS).

RECPDCL (REC Power Development and Consultancy Limited) is a wholly owned subsidiary of REC Ltd, providing professional value-added consulting services to the national power sector value chain. We help build power infrastructure, enhance operational efficiency, expand product portfolio, implement innovative technical solutions, and provide effective and economical services in various sectors. These include T&D infrastructure, ERP and billing software, smart metering projects, solar projects, QA, demand forecasting and scheduling. See www.recpdcl.in for more information.

About Bijiry

Bidgely is an AI-powered SaaS company that accelerates a clean energy future by empowering energy companies and consumers to make data-driven energy decisions. Powered by proprietary patented technology, his Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ platform transforms multiple aspects of customer data such as energy consumption, demographics and interactions into highly accurate and actionable consumer energy insights. increase. Leverage these insights to provide each customer with personalized recommendations tailored to their individual personality, lifestyle, usage attributes, behavioral patterns, buying habits, and more. From a distributed energy resource (DER) and grid edge perspective, Bidgely uses data-driven solutions for photovoltaics, EV detection, EV operational load shifting and managed charging, energy theft, short-term load forecasting, and grid analytics. to drive innovation in smart meters. , TOU rate design. Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ energy analytics provide detailed visibility into generation and consumption to improve peak load shaping and grid planning, and provide targeted recommendations for new value-added products and services. With roots in Silicon Valley, Bidgely has more than 17 energy patents, more than $75 million in funding, more than 30 data scientists, and is bringing its passion for AI to homes and homes around the world. Bringing to utilities that serve commercial customers. For more information, visit the Bidgely blog at www.bidgely.com or bidgely.com/blog.


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