you may be sitting and thinking BetaShares S&P/ASX Australian Technology ETF (ASX: ATEC) We think August is the perfect time to take a closer look. This is how our research begins.

Learn how ETFs work

The BetaShares ATEC ETF provides exposure to Australia’s top technology companies listed on the ASX. This is a low-cost way to access the Australian technology sector through a single fund.
The BetaShares ATEC ETF may be used by investors seeking specific exposure to the Australian technology sector. Moving away from his largest ASX company could remove much of its exposure to financial and resources sectors and diversify Australia’s portfolio allocation.

ATEC’s FUM meets our hurdles

The BetaShares ATEC ETF had $151.18 million invested when the last monthly figures were taken. Given that ATEC’s Total Funds Under Management (FUM) figure is over $100 million, the ETF meets the minimum Total Investments (aka FUM) criteria. Drawing the $100 million line on his ETF in the Australian equities sector believes that achieving his FUM of this amount makes the ETF less risky compared to smaller ETFs. It’s for

Be aware of annual costs and fees

BetaShares charges investors an annual management fee of 0.48% for the ATEC ETF. This means that if he invests $2,000 in ATEC for a year, he can expect to pay about $9.60 in administrative fees.

For context, the average management fee (MER) for all eligible ETFs is best ETF australia A full listing of the ASX ETF is 0.51% or about $10.20 per $2,000 invested. Remember that small changes in fees can make a big difference 10 or 20 years down the road.


If you are considering investing in ATEC, please note that this is just an overview of the ETF. To find out more, check out our free BetaShares ATEC report. Also, search the full list of ASX ETFs for similar ETFs in the Australian equities sector for a proper comparison.


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