Ashley Seward Motorsport communication solution provided by D2N on race day.

Ashley Seward Motorsport is one of the most successful teams in motorsport. The team runs cars in multiple categories, with the Porsche Carrera Cup being the main focus. The team is also known for the cutting edge of technology they bring to motorsport, so when they delivered the new Porsche 992 cars earlier this year, they turned to their long-term technology partner D2N – Technology Solutions for team his communications. I requested

Team owner Ashley Seward explains: Ashley Seward Motorsport runs in several categories of national motorsport where radios and headsets play a big role and are very important in the race teams to communicate with the drivers. ”

Owen was instrumental in developing and executing the first deal with Hytera as a sponsor of the Porsche Carrera Cup in Australia. The deal included supplying each team with a category radio package for which D2N provided after-sales, service and support.

“From a personal standpoint, Ash and I hit it off,” Owen said. We have expanded our involvement and are now one of the largest race management teams in Lane.”

Over time, almost all Porsche teams have found a way to adopt D2N for their communication solutions. Seward says he knows why.

he commented: Clarity of the quality of the communication used is very important, literally as important as the performance of the car. No communication means you won’t win any races, or it’s definitely a huge disadvantage that you have to overcome. Without a doubt, reliability and quality are top priorities, and these are areas where D2N excels. “

D2N also manufactures and supplies custom wiring looms for the Porsche category. They are plug and play as they are made to length with Porsche specific connectors on.

Owen adds: One thing D2N recognized years ago was how poorly his RF side was doing in motorsport. Poor quality antenna cables, improper installation, and many bad antennas have resulted in terrible communication. Over the years we’ve had a real focus on fixing this, and now teams can easily benefit from having the right kit.

Seward agrees, pointing out that while technology is part of the equation, the knowledge and expertise that D2N brings to the track is quite another.

He continued, “D2N always has a complete package from antenna to radio loom. They really are a one stop shop and always give us options to meet our requirements. We work closely with D2N to come up with solutions that solve the problems we have, constantly upgrading to provide the highest quality products.This continuous improvement cycle is what D2N does in motorsport. It’s the center of everything.”

As Seward noted, the team delivered a new Porsche 992 race car earlier this year. Asking D2N to provide the latest communication solutions was a very significant and important move.

Seward explains: I know I can call Jason 24/7. He and his D2N support me without a doubt. He is second to none even when it comes to customer service and a true understanding of the operating environment of motorsport. “

Ashley Seward Motorsport uses D2N communication solutions from car to pit and pit to car. Some tracks such as Bathurst, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Townsville and Newcastle require Repeater His solution to cover the required tracks. In such cases, D2N also offers repeater packages for many teams on short-term hires.

Mr Owen said: Another important element is the helmet kit. If you start with poor quality audio in your car, trying to improve it will be an uphill battle. D2N offers two of his helmet kits and due to their success sells hundreds of kits worldwide every year. ”

For Ashley Seward, it is clear that the combination of D2N communication solutions with after sales, service and support is unparalleled in the motorsports industry.

Seward concludes: The whole company answers our questions quickly and is always there to help us. This creates a very effective win-win situation and partnership for Ashley Seward Motorsport, which we hope to develop over the years to come. “

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Ashley Seward Motorsport communication solution provided by D2N on race day.


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