houston, August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DTS Technologies, LLC has announced the release of a 50 megawatt (MW) geothermal well and reservoir technology called “DGS.” A new method (see diagram) reliably extracts utility-grade energy from deep, hot rocks distributed in 50 countries. Serving 20,000 homes at each well, DGS’ industry-leading production is not just for electricity, it can scale to over 10% of the world’s energy within 20 years. Even such a partial conversion, if done quickly, could also mean avoiding more than 5 gigatonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions in the near future well before 2050.

Clean energy generation and climate mitigation on this scale can start today.

Clean baseload energy

There are three pollution-free energy sources available 24/7. Nuclear power, hydropower, and the largest geothermal. Environmental controversy and dependence on weather are well-known issues with nuclear and hydropower, but geothermal lacks them. But this seemingly ideal energy source is virtually non-existent in the power grid.

The absence of geothermal heat is primarily due to the extremely rare occurrence of natural steam. Second, attempts to artificially generate large amounts of steam fail. Because such techniques contact or transfer insufficient subterranean heat within the designed reservoir. More specifically, developers have no control over the direction, velocity, or processing time of heat-carrying water flowing through a reservoir specifically created for energy transfer. These unguided fluids simply find the path of least resistance without completing the heating process. In addition, a large amount of circulating water is usually lost.often less than 1/10TH The currently available energy is recovered from artificial geothermal systems.

Technology for complete energy recovery

DGS creates vast reservoir surface areas in deep, hot rocks ubiquitous.System operating temperature may exceed 700oF, and the heated surface area of ​​the rock can exceed 1000 acres. More importantly, this technology creates controlled hydraulic channels that precisely direct water flow to all hot surfaces. Channeling is analogous to lining or installing embankments along the banks of a river to create well-defined boundaries and control flow speed and elevation. Such channeling also effectively doubles reservoir length, heating time, and ultimate energy transfer. In stark contrast to conventional systems, the recovered heat efficiency from a DGS facility approaches 100%. It is DGS’s only high level of reservoir performance that makes geothermal economically compelling and highly scalable for climate mitigation.

Hot Rock, our most abundant resource

The hottest rocks lie under more than 15% of land in 50 countries. This resource range could produce orders of magnitude more energy than any such country currently consumes.


Utilizing materials and methods practiced by the company’s founders for decades in the energy and water industries, the DGS technology is now ready and currently deployable at the 35 MW level.

DTS Technologies, LLC has initiated an investment, operator collaboration, and field demonstration program. The company is also building industry and supplier partnerships to support large-scale deployments. For more information, please visit www.dtstechnologiesllc.com. Based on issued and pending patents. ©2022.

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