The third and final day of the 32nd Annual Technology Subha ended with warm wishes and promises of progress from IT stakeholders from various states.

During the last two days of the 32nd Technical Congress, various people from the IT and telecommunications fields spoke on various aspects of e-Governance.

On the third and final day, representatives from Assam and Rajasthan spoke about their achievements in the IT sector. In addition, there was a presentation on railway maintenance management from an Indian Railways official.

Swapneel Paul, Deputy Director General of Assam Government (Ministry of Finance) and Director General of Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, announced the complete implementation of the DBT (Direct Profit Transfer) scheme via Assam’s Decentralized Identifier (DID) platform. We talked about digitization.

“There are scheme registrations for different business areas, and all citizens are eligible for registration based on a unique ID generated from their bank account number and mobile phone number. Government funds are also available through this platform. We can distribute and monitor,” he said.

“We plan to integrate this with Umang, the platform for DBT by the Indian government,” he said.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are now visiting to verify the addresses and identities of beneficiaries, which is the largest social audit in Assam, he added.

Sanjay Jagdish Karnick, a representative from Rajasthan, was assigned a slot on the spot by Shrikanth RP, Express Computer Editor of The Indian Express Group. Karnick elaborated on the challenges Rajasthan faces due to its topography and lack of adequate connectivity.

“But the IT department was always supported by all the state governments that came into power, and every project was completed in the best possible way,” he said.

It also promotes women’s empowerment through schemes such as ‘return to work’ and ‘Chiranjeevi’, a cashless health benefit scheme. Under this scheme, the female head of the family receives a notification (regarding the scheme) from the government by telephone.

Lokesh Singh, General Manager of Railway Communications, spoke about technological advances in maintenance. “We have scheduled coach and cargo maintenance and purchased foreign technology for online surveillance, but the day will come when we will develop our own technology as well,” he said.


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