January is a unique time of the year for Canberra. Summer keeps locals at the sunny south coast, shops are close to empty and high temperatures prepare the city to welcome Summernats. Australia’s biggest car show which arrives town and adds a unique cultural flavor to the capital.

Its 5:30 pm on a Friday afternoon and the calm streets of Braddon transform into a street scenario characterised by a strong sub-cultural contrast.  The trendy coffee shopfronts on Lonsdale Street are turned into the perfect spot for a camping chair and bourbon. Bentspoke crafty beer is replaced by a case of VB. Suddenly local bearded individuals find themselves riding their carbon emission free bicycles next to loud V8 drivers.

Its this time of the year when bogans meet hipsters. A weekend as unlikely as others when the city shows as a different face. The face of Summernats.

Photo by: File – Eva Renaldi.


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