Everything you do is done for a specific purpose. Linking, onsite optimization, guest blogging, and the content you produce – it all has a singular purpose and that’s to rank #1 in your geograpical target market.

You have hundreds of tools at your disposal that are going to help you do your job right. However, most of those tools you need to pay for. Everything high-end that you use is another cost; you might not be looking at it at such because, obviously, you need it to do your job but it is.

Google, however, is more than a search engine you’re trying to rank on. It’s an organisation that gives you most of the tools you need to do it effectively and all of those tools are completely free.

Some of these tools you won’t have a use for – they may be too rudimentary or don’t go well with your marketing. On the other hand, some of them you’re not using because you’ve never heard of them and that’s what we’re changing today.

Here’s our list of top 5 free Google tools for SEO professionals.

SEO Canberra – Google Keyword Planner

SEO Canberra– Google Analytics

Mobile-Friendly Test by Google

PageSpeed Insights by Google

Google Correlate



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