Thought leadership has surfaced amongst sales and marketing executives as a powerful modern marketing tool, a major business trend fashioned to improve sales effectiveness, distinguish a brand and give consumers the engagement and insights they are seeking.

The success of thought leadership in marketing is driven by delivering new ideas, relevant advice and compelling resolutions to customers and prospects through sales, marketing and its corresponding media channels. Thought leadership marketing programs provide sales and marketing teams with a sustained stream of education and advisory content that allows increased lead generation and more effective sales process with the provision of trusted advice.

Thinking it Through…

Thought leadership marketing is currently emerging as a priority amongst business-to-business (B2B) marketers; but is it being delivered effectively?

Content and thought leadership approaches have grown immensely in modern marketing and many companies have scrambled to develop their programs. There’s a good deal of overlap between content marketing and thought leadership, and there is room for confusion.

While over 90% of B2B marketers allocate funding to content marketing activities, many have not devised a strategy to direct that investment and plan how it will generate growth and achieve the desired outcomes. Campaigns can be effectively supported with content marketing only when the published content is unbiased, original, audience-led, research driven and layered through various channels.

Investing time to integrate market research using core customer needs and sales objectives, marketing and product avenues will drive the development of strong thought leadership selling strategies.


Innovative Thoughts Counts.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs, Thought Leader

When researched, thought out and executed well, Thought Leadership Marketing will encompass an organisations’ expertise, enthusiasm and abilities, identify consumer problems and unite with the needs and desires of the target market utilising a diverse range of content assets;

  • Research reports
  • Selling assets
  • Sales playbooks
  • Expert subject matter / blogs
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Digital marketing assets
  • Digital and social media

Organisations constantly look for ways to differentiate themselves with new ideas, education and relevant solutions that address buyer frustrations and influence markets perception.

Marketing Executives are learning that topic and content substance, expertise and a firm point of view are now critical elements to drive success and influence decision processes through an integrated marketing communications strategy.

Sales Executives are realising original research and compelling insights enhance opportunities, start quality customer conversations and generate referrals and cross-sell solutions.

The Thought Process Of course every organisation wants to stand out amongst the crowd of companies vying for consumer attention. Obviously all businesses aim to offer their customers an engaging and satisfying experience.


Baha Agency Thought Leadership Marketing Programs:

  • Effectively and creatively take advantage of high-growth social media, online video channels, mobile applications and search engine optimization. The internet is an endless opportunity to broaden a company’s reach.
  • Drive sales through customer education delivering compelling ideas and unique perspectives that boost brand identities.
  • Demonstrate organisational needs, preferences and behaviours of high end customers.
  • Maximise ROI through quality marketing content which is targeted, trackable and can be used across a multitude of channels and devices.
  • Arm sales teams with a disciplined, multi-dimensional and coordinated stream of advisory content.
  • Go-to-market alignment ensures that content is designed to support company communications and enhance brand awareness, as well as product sales goals and proposal generation.


Baha Agency’s Thought Leadership Marketing Process

  • Generating a thought leadership marketing strategy that aligns with business development objectives and focuses on brand positioning, targeting consumer needs whilst pursuing company sales objectives.
  • Following a detailed analysis, Baha Agency will craft, construct, and establish content that supports customer buying process and defined sales goals.
  • Engage existing and potential customers using a complex mix of marketing, media and sales channels.
  • Execution to maximise customer connection and generate measurable sales results.


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