Many techniques of search engine optimisation have been helping businesses to reach great heights. Some of the major SEO techniques have been discussed below.

Search engine optimisation is one of the major techniques used these days for a website promotion and to make business successful. There are many techniques under SEO which have been helping businesses to a large extent. Some of these include:

Wide Keyword Research

Extensive keyword research and sorting is one of the major technique required for any business promotion. By doing deep keyword research, one can achieve better results in terms of website visibility in topmost search engines. The process is a bit time-consuming and requires lot of research and analysis. But this method if carried out properly can bring out better results. Keyword research requires a huge amount of patience and smart calculations. Not only this, an individuals should also be aware of essential and better quality tools for the purpose of performing keyword research for a perfect search engine optimisation.

Some of the common and widely used tools used for this purpose include Google Insight, Google Keyword Tool, and Google Suggestions. The steps for using these tools include:

a) Downloading them in an excel sheet.

b) Finding out keywords.

c) Last method includes sorting them by every day searches.

Web Page Optimisation

This is another method which is highly effective for business promotion. Search Engine Crawler is capable of reading only the HTML of the web-page. So, it should be correctly optimised for guiding the crawlers to the correct areas and content of the website. It is very important to place the keywords in Title, Description. Adding more keywords in the keywords area is also good. Another important thing is placing H1 to H6 by using the keywords. On the images, Alt Tags must be put, if required.

Innovative and Optimised Content

One of the best elements on a live web page is SEO based content writing. We all are aware of the fact that both search engine crawlers and human beings gives priority only to the original and unique content. Copied content is nowhere preferred. Only the effective content provided with useful information is welcomed by search engines. There is a huge need of using efficient SEO content writing techniques. A neat and optimised content means it should have a balanced amount of keywords used throughout the content which should be 5% to 6%. Around two to three keywords should be used in the whole content. It is important to start the content with the most significant keyword and it should be ended with the same.

All these techniques if used properly can bring better results for any business in terms of better visibility and increased business revenue.

Author: Alem Fathi


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