Many entrepreneurs employ techniques like blogging, RSS feeds and search engine optimisation to help drive targeted website traffic to their products or services. This is understandable, considering they do get the desired results. These techniques can if done correctly can flood your site with targeted traffic which ultimately increase your business. There are other techniques available to the enterprising website owner, however, and they can also help you establish a successful online business.

If you’re going to write content for article marketing, consider having your articles published on other websites as well. The trick is to compose articles that solve problems, meet needs or answer important questions. If you’re already offering a niche product or service, then this shouldn’t be too hard. Your article should be very informative giving a nice reading to the user. Your emphasis should not be only to get backlinks but to create quality user friendly content. The more people read your article, more chances it creates to generate targeted traffic.

The interesting thing about this is that you can also put SEO to work here. There are websites and software tools out there that help you choose the best keyword for your articles. They are “best” in the sense that people often search for them, yet there aren’t too many competing websites that feature articles about them. This effectively limits your competition and increases the chances of people visiting your site.

Another option available to you is that of viral marketing. The word “free” is music to most people’s ears, so consider giving them a little extra something that they never expected to get when they visit your website. Guides, reports and e-books are but a few examples of favorite freebies, though you are by no means limited to these (Some entrepreneurs give away free software tools, calendars and planners.). If you’re going to give any of those away, make sure to brand links to your website on them and let word-of-mouth advertising work its magic. Many marketers make their option list by giving away free product to people. They then follow up with them to sell their main product. This way you can reach your audience again and again through follow up emails.

In the final analysis, perhaps the best way to divert targeted traffic to your website is to use a combination of the aforementioned methods. All techniques have their purpose: they establish your credibility and expertise in your chosen niche and build you a successful online business in the long run.

Author: Avneet Singh


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