New venture Opens in Canberra

Marketing and communications specialist Julian Bahamon has launched Baha Agency, combining Canberra’s best creative minds with Australia’s most recognised media buying agencies.

Baha is a space where we see local creative engaging with local businesses to reach national customers. Crafting bespoke integrated marketing solutions to meet specific local business needs, the team is comprised of a talented pool of individuals who draw on skills from an endless creative space.

The Agency’s success is defined by driving other fast changing, ever growing regional industries to stay one step ahead of their competitors. Essential to every businesses growth and success, marketing thrives on connecting the right people to our local brands.

“It’s not enough to just keep up with emerging trends. It’s now vital to be amongst them. The quality of our local brands’ unique fingerprint and its promise to your customers are as critical to their success as our industry” says Mr Bahamon. “We are here to expand the footprint of Canberra and its businesses and help them grow,” he comments.

The Agency represents his alignment with local creative who share his passion. This value is central to his success in helping businesses shape their brand and mould consumers’ connection to their organisations.

Julian continues, “As daunting as it is, marketing is all about connecting with the right customer through thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Baha is here to provide that bridge between the consumer and local businesses.”

He believes Canberra is well positioned for innovation and growth with its unique advantage of being a city for people rather than a city made of people. “Canberra is a city of clever business ideas and entrepreneurs with unique competitive advantages compared to other capital cities. For example, it can take all afternoon to commute to and from a meeting in Melbourne or Sydney; but in the ACT a coffee with a client is only 10-15  mins away, he says. “Your clientele is within arm’s reach; all you need to do is reach them.”


Baha I Marketing and Creative Agency

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