Accountability in a marketing agency

Accountability in a marketing agency

In some point, SME’s and big organisations have relied on a marketing agencies to achieve their objectives and they were a critical component for the success of the organisation. We all understand a given organisation do not has enough legs and arms to meet strategical and operational requirements. Hence why organisations and agencies should work together as a team and be accountable for marketing results for a given project. At the end, is the marketing agency who has the knowledge, experience and capability to make sharp recommendations to the client and be accountable for results.

Our agency receives any sort of inquiries from virtually any industry. One day we are working on the beauty industry, the next morning we wake up building a strategy for the rough and hard working truck industry. Its also an excitement the variety of work we develop for our clients. From high-level strategies to operational social media requirements we work hand to hand to achieve the desired results. At the same time, the higher the understanding the marketing agency has of the business of the client the better chance there is to build a long lasting relationship. Values, culture, strategic objectives, shapes final results and the length of a healthy relationship.

We always work with our client to understand end to end business model. Scalability will be fundamental for any marketing and sales decision process. So, even though a client has identified the need of content,  a website, or event advertising, we recommend to look at fundamentals to ensure a sustainable and escalable marketing system. This way we ensure objectives are met and KPIs are established providing expectations for the organisation and the marketing and creative agency.

When a marketing agency and an organisation agree on an investment with an established KPIs an accountability framework  is created. If the business model applied to the framework is sustainable and scalable, both parties have set the foundations of a successful and long term relationship.

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