How to get the best Search Engine Optimisation in Canberra (SEO canberra)

How to get the best Search Engine Optimisation in Canberra (SEO canberra)

SEO is a question all businesses make in some point during their planning of a marketing strategy.

Some will take ideas into actions hiring an agency to help with search results. Others will just “let it go” and focus on a range of activities.

For us, as a marketing agency, Canberra SEO has been a learning path full of surprises wherein persistence pays off.

It all starts with a search…


Thinking with Google’s shoes on, I want to show my users the most relevant website in a certain search term. Eg “SEO Canberra”

At our end we think how can I make it happen? How can I get Google to “think” I’m the authority and the top 10 relevant websites to that specific user.

These are millions and millions of websites Google has previously visited and which he thinks it has a very clear picture based on what you have.

You better prove your are number #1


So here are our top 5 tips to climb the ladder:


1. Make sure your URLs, headings, keyword density, image titles are appropriate.

2. Create content. Original content with the specific keyword. Eg “Canberra SEO”.

3. Make a list of high ranking (PR) directory business listings and forums to create back links.

4. Use any Google tools like Google Places or Google Plus. “If you use my tools I like you” says Google.

5. Be persistent. Be specific. Try only a handful of keywords the most! Its a very competitive market.

6. Be mindful of any SEO services as you want them to use white hat strategies only.




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